Cal Crop USA II, L.L.C. is a basic manufacturer of organic agricultural and consumer crop protection products.

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Site Organization

Ag Products
Detailed information about our organic and conventional commercial agricultural pesticide, adjuvant, and nutritional products. Product labels, MSDS information, Spray Program Concepts, and current Farm Use Data are contained under this heading. 
Lawn and Garden Products
Find out about our new line of Max Power Organic lawn and garden products and when they are planned to be brought back to the market. 

Cooperating Agricultural Distribution Companies

Wilbur-Ellis Company
Branch location and contact information can be found at http://www.wilbur-ellis.com/Locations/pages/Home.aspx
 Simplot Grower Solutions
         Branch location and contact information can be found at http://www.simplot.com/farmers/retail_locations 

To contact Cal Crop USA II, L.L.C, please email  Tony@calcropusa.com.